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FoamRush 4-Inch Short Queen (60″ x 74″) RV Cooling Gel

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Total Ratings: 69 ratings
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Cool gel mattress replacement with gel infused memory foam disperse body heat and create a cooler sleeping surface while retaining the pressure-relieving properties of traditional memory foam. Tossing and turning are dramatically diminished and disrupted sleep patterns are greatly eliminated so you can sleep longer without moving and enjoy the benefits of a deeper, more restful sleep pattern. Get it right the first time It is also a good idea to know the size and the Height of your mattress ahead of time to make sure you are ordering the correct size. Keep in mind that you should combine the Height of your bed frame, foundation, or adjustable bed base with the Height of your mattress to get a gauge Of the how tall your sleep system will be. Note: Cover is not included. A 50% restocking fee may apply on returns.

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