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Twin Mattress, Avenco Twin Size Mattress, 10 Inch Hybrid Twin

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  • Rayon Modal
  • Better Isolation: Avenco twin size mattress’s pocket coil base system is wrapped in high-quality non-woven fabric individually, which can block the effect from your partner’s movement and ensure your sleeping quality. Avenco twin mattress for kid makes you sleep through the night without disturbance.
  • Extremely Comfortable and Pressure Relief: High-density foam pastes join the body shape so that it can suitable for different sleepers. Every part of your body will feel the full support from the pocket coil support layer, which will protect and support your lumbar vertebra from pain. Avenco consolidate edge will make the hybrid twin mattress in a box have a soft and hard difference from inside and outside, you can sleep well instead of slip off the twin bed mattress easily.
  • All-Night Cooling: The unique grid design of the Avenco mattress twin hybrid surface keeps air flowing between the mattress twin size and the skin. Besides, the soft skin-friendly fabric enhances the comfort level, and the high-density foam processed by special technology can effectively balance the body temperature during sleep. You can say goodbye to the heat and have cooling sleep all night long.
  • Medium Firmness Twin Mattress Lovers’ Choice: The 1.8 diameter pocket coil is set in the middle of the Avenco 10inch hybrid mattress and the 2.0 diameter pocket coil is set on both sides so that a soft middle zone will be formed. With spring support, you can enjoy the double experience of wrapping and support during sleep. Say goodbye to back pain with Avenco 10inch hybrid twin size mattress.
  • Excellent After-Sales Service and 100-Night Trial: Avenco twin mattress in a box is compressed and rolled up for efficient delivery and easy setup. Simply release and wait for 48-72 hours to fully expand. As a member of ISPA and safe from CertiPUR-US certification, we are committed to providing dreamers with a safe and healthy sleeping environment. You can contact the Avenco support team if you have any problems.

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